7 signs your loved one may not be safe at home. 7 Signs | Senior Solutions | United States




  • Increased difficulty w/ ADL’s. 

    If your loved one is not bathing on a regular basis or is having more "accidents" this may be a sign that they could benefit from the services of an assisted living facility


  • Social Isolation


    Sometimes seniors with become more withdrawn because they may be embarrased about being slow to get around or tremors. Socialization is as vital to a fulfilling life as taking your medicine. 


  • Forgetfulness


    If you find your loved one repeating the same stories time and again, this could be a warning sign that other areas of their memory are starting to slip sich as turning off the stove or taking thier perscribed medicine on time. 


  • Loss of Appetite or ability or desire to cook. 


    Proper nutrition​ is critical to a healthy life. MAny times seniors will fall back on having some crackers or cereal when they get hungry. This poort diet may lead to an early decline. 


  • Chronic health problems


    If you notice cronic health issues such as lethargic behavior or swollen ankles this may be a sign that they are not properly taking their medication. An assisted living facility can help make sure that they are following their doctor's orders. 


  • Recent close calls


    If you hear about or see close calls like almost falling or dropping objects, your loved one might benefit from help of an assisted living facility. Many times those close calls are happening more than you know. 


  • Weight loss


​Becoming frail might happen for a number of reasons. Talk with your loved ones doctor if you see this or and of the above listed signs.